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Pups from past litters

I had this photo taken of our chocolate lab we bought from you he was born in January he just turned two I believe I sent u a picture last year to! His name is Moser we just love him he's so good with the kids and is a great addition to our family! I just love this picture of him and thought you would enjoy seeing what a beautiful dog he is! As always thank you he is amazing
Jamie and Kevin

Dear Bill and
Marcia,I just had to write and tell you what a great
dog we have with Oscar! He is very smart and filled with
personality! We have always had female labs in the past and
decided to go with a male this time. He is so much different
from the girls! More animated, affectionate and connected to
us. Our girls were great but he is a
pistol!Thanks so much for breeding such fantastic
companions! Best,Jane
wanted to let you know that
Bella is
absolutely wonderful she has been an awesome
addition to our family and we are
completely in love with
           Best Rachel
You might remember my wife and I coming to pick up a new puppy last June (he was part of the April litter) just before our wedding. Maverick, or Mav, is all grown up! Thanks again for the professional experience of buying a puppy! You raise wonderful animals, and Mav is a great running and hiking buddy.

Best and happy summer,
Seth & Marianna
Hello Bill and Marcia. I just wanted to give you and update on our puppy Phineas. He is doing extremely well. He is a wonderful boy, we couldn't of asked for more. He is also beautiful.  He definitely seems to take more after the English lab. He is very solid and stout with a block muzzle. He is super smart and very well behaved. He rings a bell to go out, he is already house broke, he sleeps through the night, and has a super sweet personality. He has excellent recall, Has mastered fetch, and walks perfectly on a leash. He really is a beautiful dream come true.  I have to admit he has been exceptional and has picked up on things far sooner than our chocolate lab  Bowen. Phineas really is the full package. I can't thank you enough for producing such a wonderful boy.
Bill & Marcia,

We just wanted to share with you how in love with "puppy" King we are. We made our way home with him just over one year ago. He was quick to pick up commands as a babe and has become the perfect companion and cuddle bug. He is an absolute sweetheart and we couldn't be happier! Best decision ever!

Thanks again,

Garrett and Renee

Hello! I was just checking out your website and saw some other beautiful dogs.. thought I’d share ours with you! We got her from you in June of 2007. Maya is 10 this year and she is beautiful and in great health! She is wonderful with our babies  and is a therapy dog of Vermont. She is a true best friend!  And those new black lab babies on your site are really sweet!! Take care! Elizabeth